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Cinematic trailers for attractions and events is something we’ve been doing since in one form or another since 2001. Today we shoot video using the latest Sony cameras in 4K with a bevy of gimbals, jibs, lights and more! Our trailers have been turning heads for over decade and today we’re making some of the most cinematic trailers on the web for haunts and events. Whether its shooting a scripted sequence, walk-throughs of your event, or product videos, we can do it and make it into a great piece of creative marketing for your business!

Most of the work we do is for attractions and events but we also do work for the food industry, online stores, ticket companies, and lots more!  So don’t let all the dark stuff fool you!  We can do work for just about any industry.

Now you may be asking yourself why you should hire Rogues Hollow for your project? You could read some testimonials from clients, or you could check out the portfolio to see some past work.  But the bottom line is I love what I do and I work hard to provide my clients with a great looking and affordable product!

In addition to our Video and Photography services, Rogues Hollow Productions also provides quality creative design including illustration, graphic design, billboards, advertisements, social media marketing and much more.  We also create amazing web sites designed for marketing businesses.  We our a full service creative design firm and you can learn more about our web marketing and creative design services by visiting Rogues Hollow Productions main web site. 

Rogues Hollow Productions

Rogues Hollow Productions has was founded in 2001 by Christopher Brielmaier in Columbus Ohio with one goal in mind, bring the haunted attraction industry cutting edge creative design, web site development and Video production! Since 2001 Rogues Hollow has become a leader in the industry providing unique creative for clients as big as Rob Zombie & Ticketmaster to small events alike!  Rogues Hollow Productions is a company you can trust to provide you with unique creative work that will excite your customers and bring them to your door!


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